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    30 years crafting

    FOUNDATION (1990)

    Alberto Oliveros and Janet Gregorio started GREGORIO Y OLIVEROS (GYO) At the beginning of 1990, a handicraft enterprise involved in designing and manufacturing fashion complements. They first introduced their clients a wide collection of leather belts, which they soon turned into one of their distinct and characteristic style products.

    EVOLUTION (1997)

    At the same time, Janet and Alberto were also designing some simple leather pieces for their own use, which their friends encouraged them to commercialize. This is how they started their own product line. They launched their first bag collection on the market in 1997.
    Their style, plain and casual, was greatly welcome specially among those who love the uniqueness and simplicity of the authentic.

    REINVENTION (2012)

    Alberto Oliveros has run the firm since 2012. He has mantained what it has become its house brand: always fashionable bags and belts created with exquisite raw materials and that care all handcrafted products have.
    Together with their own line of products, GYO also manufactures bags and belts for other related firms which have become internationally recognized.

    30TH ANNIVERSARY (2020)

    Celebrating 30 Years of Leather bags crafting.

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